2 responses to “What Are We Worth?

  1. So much information, yet you provided no real tools to help.

  2. Hi and many thanks for your response.

    My main objective for this post was to increase awareness in an area which, from personal experience is lacking in so many quarters, especially business.

    We can more easily address the personal issues (traits, attitudes, personality, creativity), but the larger national issues need to be tackled (as indeed they are) by pressure groups and learned professional societies lobbying and consulting at Government level.

    I guess one or two starters for helping with or identifying our ‘personal attitudes’ would be:

    Look at how we act towards others and identify those traits which are constructive and which are destructive. Work on developing and increasing use of our positive traits and look to reduce or modify the negative ones. Obtain frank feedback and opinions from those we trust; family may provide a good start as they often see more of the real us. Work colleagues and friends are also a helpful source of input. From personal experience I have always found it invaluable to work through the issues with someone who is a specialist in the area. I use a trained counsellor whom I can trust. Selection of the best counsellor is key (and we don’t always hit it off with the first one we see). Personal recommendation works well here, but always be prepared to try more than one.

    I also think that it is important to understand that this is a process, not a single event and that sticking power is essential to effectively work issues through (which can take months). But the beauty is that as we make progress we can apply what we are learning/have learnt and start to make small changes.

    Regarding our creativity, if we lack a sense of our own creativity, then a good start is to ask ourself the question, “What am I passionate about?” and write down the answers.

    There is a pretty good chance that at least one area in which our natural creativity lies will be identified e.g., If we are passionate about reading and language, our creativity lie around words or text, so we may be suited to tasks involving editing, compiling or proofing. If you’re still not sure about where your creativity lies, trying doing something you’ve never done before.

    I have found that in percussion workshops I have run many people discover for the first time that a) they can still be creative and b) they have skills that they’d never realised before, such as the ability to listen to others, or that they are naturally team players. Whilst not necessarily creative skills in themselves, this process can prove to be the key which leads to the unlocking of other creative elements, as they continue to explore what they have discovered. We may need to try several different activities or approaches before we really find our creative niche, but again, it is often in the trying that we discover.

    This is obviously a huge subject and the shelves are full of suitable books. A book that I found really helpful was ‘Out of Our Minds’ by (Sir) Ken Robinson (ISBN: 1-84112-125-8) published Capstone Press (Wiley) 2001 … it does get a bit heavy in places but there are some real gems in there. Of course, there are plenty more!

    I hope this at least provides you with some help.

    Best wishes


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